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Superannuation guarantee contributions for the April to June 2019 quarter are due to complying superannuation funds by the 29th July 2019. Employers who do not pay contributions by this date must pay the super guarantee charge and lodge a Superannuation Guarantee Charge Statement by 28th August 2019.

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Our Administration Team


Emilia Bray

Emily brings to the firm almost 40 years' experience having previously worked in administration and secretarial roles. Since beginning with Roy Spagnolo & Associates in October 2015, Emily has added valuable support and guidance to the administration team and is also a Justice of the Peace.


Lisa Spagnolo      

Lisa is the other half to Roy Spagnolo and has over the years provided invaluable support to the success of Roy Spagnolo & Associates and the office staff. Lisa manages the daily running of the office and brings to the firm exceptional professionalism and quality delivery of a variety of administrative services. Lisa has had over 30 years of experience within the accountancy industry in administrative and company secretarial roles and enjoys working with the supportive team.


Kacie Tagliapietra

Kacie is the Debtors Manager and client services coordinator at Roy Spagnolo & Associates and has over 16 years' experience in various administrative roles in accounting firms. She brings to the firm exceptional professionalism and is proficient in all aspects of her role including in her dealings with our valued clients.